1. 1. Request for return/ replacement/ refund in respect of the products shall be entertained within 7 days from the date of delivery of the product depending upon the nature of the product ordered.

  2. 2. Any request for return/ replacement/ refund of the products by the customer shall contain specific details about the order reference, Cash Memo/Invoice Number, Date, Price tag (label) etc.

  3. 3. No request for return/ replacement./ refund shall be entertained by JMT unless the reason for seeking return/replacement/refund is specified by the customer and JMT is satisfied with the reason specified therein.

  4. 4. The Customer shall ensure that, in case of products, which are to be assembled/ fabricated using a number of parts/ modules, all parts/modules purchased from JMT, are returned in unassembled condition to JMT. If even a single part/ module purchased from JMT is missing therefrom, request for replacement / refund shall not be entertained.

  5. 5. Any request for refund of the price in respect of any products returned by the customer shall be entertained by JMT only in the following events:
    1. the products are defective;

  6. 6. Any refund of the price paid for the product(s) shall be made by JMT upon having received the returned products and after having deducted the following charges there from:
    1. Packing, Forwarding and Shipment charges, and Gift wrapping charges (as applicable).

  7. 7. The amount to be refunded in respect of any product shall be determined having regard to the condition of the returned product.

  8. 8. Refund will be notified to the customer through e-mail once returned product is received and the request for refund is processed.

  9. 9. Refund to the customer shall be made through same channel/ mode in which the payment was made to JMT at the time of purchase.

  10. 10.The customer shall receive the refund within 7 to 14 days after receipt of the returned products by JMT.

  11. 11.Extra shipping charges shall be payable for delivery of replaced products, unless the reasons for replacement are attributable to JMT.